Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Findings and Some Sketches

I had a little free time today and since I'm in a good mood I thought I'd write a little update and post a few sketches. I've decided I want to start playing the ukelele. I've been learning Beirut songs on the guitar but it just doesn't sound the same and I think ukeleles are just awesome. Also, its come to my attention that according to typography specialists, you aren't supposed to double space after a period. GASP! Why were we taught differently during school if the correct way is supposed to read much better and save space?

Today I bought my first pairs of slacks and my travel book for Japan. It was interesting to find a whole section dedicated to the history of anime and how it is one of Japan's major industries. In Tokyo they have a whole shopping area that is dedicated to manga, anime, and animation, and they even have animation museums where you can watch Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Crazy. The book had a little about my area too, and I really can't wait to get there. The first little trip I'm going to do is a five or six kilometer bike ride through a countryside scattered with old burial mounds, temples, shrines, and gardens. It's a few bucks to rent a bike and then I just take the train back to Okayama. Sounds pretty fabulous, hopefully I'll find the time before it gets too cold.

I was wondering if I could get any comments / critique on the zombie sketch. I'm making it for my friend's band and I just want to get some feedback or any ideas for filling in the background or for color schemes.


Buster said...

RED for the zombies, obviously. The other sketches look purdy cool.

Japan sounds sweet. Buy a bunch of super cool, exclusive stuffs. And when Genius Party comes out on dvd, buy that, then mail it to KC. Hake n' I are aching.

Have fun and continue to make artttt.

jonathan.lane said...

you suck, paul. give up life.

as for the zombies, it's really not clear that he's using a lawn mower. it looks more like some sort of crazy compactor machine, really. it's a perspective problem. the extreme close-up trick is always good, but it works better at 3/4 angle... you'd get a clear view of the lawnmower at least. is it for a poster or a album cover? also, where the fuck is the massive blood shower? WHERE IS IT PAUL

oh and those typography experts; they can suck my double-spaced grundle. nigs.

jonathan.lane said...

by the way,

your sister's hot.

and your robots need more cock.


drizd35 said...

fuller..sweet ready for the SAKE send off son?????


Yeah man, I think Jon had it on the lawnmower being unrecognizable.

But some of the zombies look cool, what is the can in the main zombie's hand going to be, PBR?

BUt it looks good man, just where is the river of kool-aid that suppose to be coming from under the dead zombies?