Thursday, October 23, 2008

The last post before more pictures

So I don't have my computer with me today, but I'm going to wait to post pictures because tomorrow I'll be going to Kurashiki to check out the old merchant section of town. I guess its filled with traditional architecture and some good museums, and its only a thirty minute train ride from my station so I figure its a good way to spend my day off. I'll post pictures of the trip, and of my apartment on Saturday or Sunday depending if I have time. Today I met some Koreans at the International Center who are want to do a language exchange type thing where I'll help them out with English and they help me with Japanese. Also, at the International Center there are Japanese language classes for only 200 yen (about two bucks) because the government subsidizes them, so I'm going to try and start going three times a week before work. It shouldn't be a problem, because since I've started sleeping on a futon on the floor, waking up isn't too difficult.

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Buster said...

Keep it coming, man.

(Did you know this was Patrick?)