Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally... INTERNET

It's taken a while to find internet access since I've moved into my apartment, and even harder to find a place that I can actually upload images, but I've finally been told about an internet cafe that I can pay 60 yen to plug in my laptop. This is a huge post, since I've been trying to write everyday, but I'm definitely skipping over a lot of things that have happened. I'll try to keep the blog more up to date from now on, and once I get a scanner I'll post some more sketches. I need to catch the last train, so check back in a few days for some more flicks and a little update on life in Oyakama.

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Sounds like your having a great time man, with friends from work, girls being way interested in you, and killer spiders jumping at you....

But man, I'm happy to hear you actually having a great time and I hope that they keep coming bigger and more all the time.

You'll have to post some photos of you apartment so we get a sense of the cramp space man.

keep up the post dude