Sunday, November 30, 2008

A small break from the internet...

So things are really looking up now here in Japan. Luckily we got a new teacher here who is my age and is actually really cool. He's from Southern California and used to play in rock and blues bands with hair down past his shoulders. He's really awesome at guitar and the other day we went to this guitar shop on the side of the tracks and played really nice vintage electric guitars on huge tube amps in a professional studio. We thought that after a few minutes of messing around the owner would tell us to leave, but we played for an hour and a half and rocked out. I'm going to get a guitar and we're going to start playing some funky soul music down in Okayama Station. Right now there are a bunch of kids that sit and play, but they all play really boring, poppy, Dashboard-esque music so we feel like we need to liven things up a little. I've also ventured out into the few foreigner bars here and have met some really cool people. Basically, it feels like I'm finally building a little foundation.

I've also become extremely motivated to make animation. I worked pretty hard on this months 11 second club animation and I'm already pumped to get started on the next one. I think right now this is the best exposure I can find, so I figure why not? Please critique me on this, as I don't have too many people I can ask for opinions, so anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

11 Second Club November Comp from Paul Fuller on Vimeo.

I've asked for another day off to just relax and work and to add on to my possible vacation time. It's less money, but right now I want to experience Japan and enjoy myself, not always be worrying about work. Anyway, I apologize for not updating, but its not always easy to find time to come and write about everything that's going on. I have a lot of great pictures from my trip to Onomichi and Setoda two weeks ago, so I'll update again soon with more.


andoru said...

very nice sir! you got so many different poses and expressions fired off in a very short amount of time.

it may be a little exaggerated based on the source clip. it would be cool to see a more relaxed version with some very subtle movements and actions.

I may give this a shot as well, I need the 3d animation practice, and a break from what I am currently working on.

it is amazing the variety of people that you can run into. and you are really doing it the right way. being on your own and adjusting to a new place is an amazing experience that I think a lot of people never really get to...experience, so keep making the most of it.

i types lytesso to leave this comment. what is google trying to tell me...?

FullaLove said...

You make me all proud and happy inside. Keep on pushing yourself, it seems to be doing you good.


jeremy said...

Fuller whats up!?!?! Its Edgett. I cant believe your in Japan thats so awesome. I was looking at your work and it looks great. I started a facebook account. We need to keep in touch. Ill talk to you soon.