Saturday, November 8, 2008

Takahashi and a few sketches

This week went by really fast, and since I found it was going to be pretty crappy out on my two days off, I decided to stick around Okayama and do some shopping and start animating again. On Thursday I went out into the mountains to the little city of Takahashi. I could tell that there weren't many tourists that came through there because there were several people who stopped me in the street just to shake my hand and say hello. When I got off the phone after trying to call my sister, a really old woman, probably in her 80's who's back was hunched over really far took off her hat, looked me in the eyes, and shook my hand. It was really awesome, and even though I'm not sure why she did it, I'm really happy she did. Even the schoolgirls and stuff would say hello and then pass me with a lot of giggling.

So this town was pretty small, but there a few temples that were really old. There was a castle too, but since the weather was bad, and it was an hour long hike up to the castle, I stayed more in the city. Once again I just have fun walking through these cities and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. I did head up towards a more run-down part of town up in the mountains. The air was really fresh, and a lot of people were out farming in the fields. Some were farming, others were hanging out clementines to dry from their porch, and one guy was patrolling the area on his motorized wheelchair. I walked pretty far up the mountain, only to look down and see this man's headlights heading my way. He just passed by, but I thought maybe he was protecting something so I headed back down. I did a lot of drawing on my days off though, and forced myself to start animating again. For some reason this Desmond Decker song came on and it talked about having to try if you want to succeed at life ( pretty cheesy but its a good song ) so I figured if I want to become a character animator, I better practice and get to the point where I can compete with other animators. This made it hard for me to return to work today because I feel really motivated to pursue an artistic career. Work is going good, and I really enjoy talking to all these different people, but what I know I want to do is animate now. I might request to have one more day every week so I can work more on my own projects and have more time to travel. One of the other teachers did it, so I'm thinking that if I can, I might as well try.

From The Beez Neez

From The Beez Neez

From Takahashi

From Takahashi


FullaLove said...


I almost cried when I missed your phone call...I picked it up right when the answering machine cut in. Mere seconds away from talking to you! Alas, I am safe and alive and out of the hospital.

I think that your drawings are fantastic. I especially like the first one of the three women, I think the black block of hair with the few white lines in it looks really amazing.

I thought I'd be somewhat kind before your friends all write to you and tell you what a douche bag you are.

Love you bro.


Looks good paul, some of the base colors are working for you....

And yeah, I have the same problem with color blindness, but it's all up to your gut in the end man.

But once your comfortable with the base colors, start adding some similar color (tones) and then build from there.... it may sound like you already know this but it could work in a different way the next time around..

Buster said...

Nice with the sketches, mein.

thedish7 said...

God you are such a douche bag :) Just kidding Paul. It is good to see that you have found a real passion and I say do what ever it takes to pursue it, except burden Sheri cause she's a saint. You are an inspiration to us all sir! Keep in touch.


titandali said...

MY goodness I missed the times when we played basketball.I missed embarassing you in front of all your friends lol!Nah man you were always the monster.Maybe sometime next year I'll meet you over there in Japan.Your drawing are becoming more happier.There is more of a internal feeling rather than an external feeling that most artist tend to display with there technical ablilities.You're on a road that most artist never even scratch what ever you are eating or doing keep doing it.I can see Very clearly.

danflany said...

big propsicles on your mad fresh style, you are god!
give me a call paul, 085781678446 (i think you put +62 for indonesia)... if i get a chance im going to come visit you, give mee a call!!

Al Prudic-Dennis said...


speedlag said...

That house is awesome, glad you got a pic that shows age as well as architectural ingenuity.

And all the traveling sounds awesome, glad keeping busy doesn't seem to be an issue. Be it traveling, animating, teaching, or just enjoying japan.

I look forward to seeing more character animation work. The 11 second stuff definitely proves you didn't lose your touch.