Sunday, December 7, 2008

8th Place wins a new bike and some friends.

So I was pretty disappointed to see that I got 8th out of the 108 participants in the November 11 Second Club. I knew I wasn't going to win, but some of the entries above me don't deserve the spot. Anyway, I got some good feedback and 8th place isn't really all that bad. My thumbnail is in the banner on their web page even. Other than that I've just started working on this months competition and after doing some of the layout work I'm pretty pumped about how its looking. After watching some very cinematic shorts like Cid Jones and Astro Mail by some guys from Superinfocom I want to try making a little more interesting clip instead of just one steady shot.

Its becoming harder to focus though because me and Joe are actually starting to make some friends. We met these girls that are studying abroad from England and Australia who are really cool and have the same night available to go out as us. A few nights ago we went all over the town and ended up staying at this little place called the Honeybee Express or something until seven in the morning. This place had a giant Pulp Fiction poster, a neon Ghostbusters sign, and a whole lot of hokey tropical items all over the place. I don't think the worker was too happy we stayed for so long, but we could see that he snuck in a few little naps here and there. Japanese are afraid to embarrass people in public, even if it will make them much more comfortable, and I feel bad saying this, but it makes me feel much more relaxed by taking advantage of this fact. There's no rush to drink as fast as you can before the bar closes, you can just stay there all night.

It feels good to indulge in normal conversation with people who are capable of talking about a lot of different things, and its definitely had an effect on me. I was stuck here for two months by myself and a little reprieve from solitude feels fantastic. Because I feel like I'll begin meeting more people from now on, I'm going to buy a cell phone and I've just purchased the biggest bike they sell here that's still too small for me. It has a basket, a bell, and a light that's powered by the turning of the wheels. I have to say though, its kind of scary riding it through the city.

I have some pictures from my vacation a while ago but I want to put them through some Photoshop beautification before I post them up. I've just been really busy lately, I've even got a lot of sketches I'd really like to post too. Soon my friends, soon.


Wayne said...

So you go to a different country with a different culture that speaks a different language and you didn't expect a little loneliness? You do sometimes live in a dream world. That isn't all bad though. Proud of your finish in the competition, but be careful not to judge those above you. Stay true to your own work, and don't get caught up in how you think you compare to others. Be proud of what you do and you will be happier, regardless of how others judge. All my love.

Izabiathe Cranium said...

Paul! Good to see you on the webber here and now. These are great to read. And thanks for all the pictures. I. Want. To. Travel.

Buster said...

So rude, Paul.