Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day in Tomonoura...

This week I went to my favorite place so far, Tomonoura, a port town a little ways out of Fukuyama. The weather was finally sunny on my days off, and it made the whole visit that much more enjoyable. I didn't really know where to go once I got there, so like usual I just started walking and getting myself lost. It's really handy to have a guidebook telling you certain locations, because to ask where something is is so easy. I met a few artists drawing in the harbor, and this one woman from Kyoto who could speak a little English that I kept seeing the whole day. Somehow I ended up at the top of a hill at an old temple overlooking the city and the harbor. There was nobody in sight, and being in a few hundred year old building with the sun shining felt absolutely wonderful. I meandered through the streets and came across a few more temples, and even though I didn't really go anywhere, just walking around in the city felt great. The streets were narrow and there were lots of little alleyways to explore, complete with little fishes hanging out to dry. When I started to get hungry I decided to treat myself to tempura at a restaurant mentioned in my guidebook. The place was in a huge wooden building and inside a woman was giving a massage to a man who kept moaning. The sounds were a little strange, but the food was delicious. I had fresh red snapper tempura along with a few other things that I'm not sure what they were, but all were definitely tasty. To finish my day, I headed to the harbor and sat outside at a cafe while the sun disappeared behind the hills. I was drawing a boat in the harbor and the guy working at the cafe started talking to me about art and such. When I decided it was time to go, the barista asked if he could take my picture because he thought I had good eyes. I guess I can't escape the gay come ons even in a foreign country.

From Tomonomoura

From Tomonomoura

From Tomonomoura

From The Beez Neez


Buster said...

That watercolor? Loox gud.

bigandpaul said...

Nah, traditional mediums scare me, at least when it comes to color. I've ruined too many good sketches recently so for a while I'm going to go all digital with the coloring. If you look in my sketchbook I tried doing something with ink and markers to mix things up a little, but the two girls ended up a little orange.

Buster said...

I just thought that the orange was your personal racist commentary.

Actually, I think that the girls looked fine painted. I wouldn't have noticed the over-orangeness of them without your mentioning it. You can always pass it off as a stylistic choice.

But, seriously. You should do more real media, namean.

Wayne said...

Your work gets more distinctive and emotive each time I see it. I love the boat and the 3 girls. Printed those off in color so I can see them all the time. Keep exploring your talent, and never be afraid of using traditional mediums. You may discover a new way to use them. You can always scan and print sketches to experiment. Lots of love. I miss your presence in my life.

dtk1029 said...

what up paul how are you doing?