Friday, January 16, 2009

A little further...

I've been watching a lot of animated movies lately ( I highly recommend watching the Jungle Book if you haven't seen it in a while, that movie is amazing ), and now am starting on a bunch of old Hitchcock movies, studying the characters and the acting. It's helped a lot, and over the last few days I think I made some pretty good progress. Maybe it doesn't show quite yet, but something definitely clicked for me and I feel a lot better approaching this little clip.

There are still a few dead parts, but I added some basic lip synch, trying out a new method, so let me know what you think. Watching this in a smaller format, I can see that the woman's "jilting me" needs one or two more poses for it to read, so don't worry about that one. And of course, her pose at the end is terrible, I haven't touched it for a long time.

And thanks Andy for the little crits. Your comments are always helpful.

11sec_linearProgress from Paul Fuller on Vimeo.


Jaron-Eugene said...

so you liked the jungle book ehh...You that disney did a good take?Check out Chuck Jones version it called Mowgli's brothers.It's a little darker.And in my oppinion has more weight to it than the Disney Version.

andoru said...

I think his lip-sync looks really good, it is subtle but still really feels like he is saying what he is supposed to be saying, without trying to hard.

What exactly have you changed up there or what method are you using? There is a really good set of animation tutorials from Gnomon right now, done by a Dreamworks animator, just fundamentals and things but it is probably one of the nicest 3d animation tutorials I have seen because the guy is actually interested in animation more than the technical details.

The rest of the guy's posing looks very nice.

Woody Allen is awesome character reference as well, he is always doing so many little things whenever he speaks about anything.

bigandpaul said...

Yeah I checked out the tutorials and they definitely contributed to a few changes. I might even use their rig for next months competition even though the facial setup is limited. I really don't want to deal with any stupid copy write issues though so it might just be another round with Max.

I really can't describe the change, it was just something I felt late in the night that made everything I was doing seem very clear and almost simple. I think next months entry will be a little different than the ones I've been putting out.

Thanks for the reference. I've actually never watched any Woody Allen movies so I'll have to check em out.

Oh, and when is your thesis work going to be put up on your site? I want to see what's going on over at KCAI

ItAteEverybody said...

dammit paul..answer your goddamn e-mails!!

andoru said...

Some new stuff should be up very soon, I will let you know when I have another update.

Hey, I just found out that Genius Party Beyond comes out on DVD in March, you have to track it down! It looks phenomenal.